Roger Williams House
Student Ministry and Pastor's Residence
120 Lynn Avenue, 1930-49
Fifth and Kellogg, 1910-1949
200 Lynn Avenue, 1950-present
Fifth and Kellogg,1872-1909
Squaw Creek Church, ~1860-67
meeting at Hoggatt School after 1862,
near corner of Lincoln Way and Maple


As a part of our 150th Anniversary Celebration in 2018, we are revisiting our church's history and sharing stories from our past.  We will be adding to these stories  through the year.  Click below to read the individual articles.

Ira Rees and the Squaw Creek Church, ~1860-67

Capt. Kendrick Brown, Rev. Samuel Mitchell, and the Beginnings of

First Baptist, 1868-1875

The Early History of FBC Ames and Oklahoma-Bacone College Connections, 1880's and 1890's

Growth, a Second Church Building, and World War I, 1880-1920